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Digital Solutions

WCL offers full range of IT services to boost your day-to-day workflow and provides an easy and convenient passage to digitalization.


Building your web-page from the ground up or re-imagining and enhancing the existing one


Translating your trademark digital footprint to phones and tablets with apps or optimizations for any platform

IT consulting

Analyzing your current digital infrastructure and offering a cost-effective stack of improvements

Bots and automations

Providing user-friendly AI-tools for fastening your business routine in sales, advertising or management

About us

Reliable and Versatile

Successfully working for more then 5 years, WLC has customers in different industries and countries. We accompany our clients on every production stage from prototyping to post-launch support, providing IT-expertise where it is needed and in the way that suits you the best. Want a no-fuzz and ready-to-operate solution? We’ll take care of everything from A to Z. Prefer diving deeper and adjusting every slightest detail together with our specialists? We’ll get you the most tailor-made product on the market.

We often work in collaboration with partners, so WCL’s portfolio naturally goes beyond its main area of focus. This includes supporting various projects on a post-release basis, co-developing certain infrastructural parts for others, and the active role in producing the print version of WatchJ horology magazine, issued in several countries.

our services

You Can't Go Wrong With Either

We offer an array of custom solutions for your website. Starting from scratch or reimagining and enhancing the existing one, we’ll make it informative, SEO-optimized, and bug-free. Oh, and certainly not looking like zillions of boring sites on the net. Our primary tech stack includes Python, React, PostgreSQL, Docker.

Be it a user interface, an administration panel, or a full-featured client’s service, we’ll transfer your online activities to a native app for running on phones and tablets. We’ll ensure everything is scalable and optimized for all platforms, as well as offer long-term maintenance options for future updates and interactions with rapidly changing digital environment.

Sometimes even a brilliant business concept can fall into a wrong-structured digital domain trap. We’ll help you identify any potential flaws of existing strategies and technical infrastructure to work out solid and cost-effective ways to improve. Efficiency, security, or comfort – we’ll help you become more competitive in a realm you need the most. Seize every opportunity with a new high-performance version of your business.

We’ve got an extensive variety of user-friendly AI-tools for boosting sales, advertising or management. From automating your daily communications with clients, to taking advantage of a constantly growing messenger-targeted marketing – bots are an essential part of todays business operations. Don’t be late to the party, try them now!

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